Mastering Dashboard Creation in Dynatrace for Effective Monitoring – P2

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of IT infrastructure, the ability to monitor and analyze system performance efficiently is paramount. Dynatrace, a leader in software intelligence, offers powerful dashboard capabilities for real-time monitoring and analysis. This article aims to offer a clearer understanding of how to leverage Dynatrace dashboards for optimal monitoring.

1. Starting with Dashboard Creation: The process begins by navigating to the dashboard section in Dynatrace. Here, you can create a new dashboard by clicking on the ‘Create Dashboard’ button and naming it.

Adding Tiles: Dynatrace offers various types of tiles for different monitoring purposes. You can add these tiles to your dashboard by either double-clicking or dragging and dropping them into the dashboard area.

2. Utilizing Markdown Tiles: Markdown tiles are useful for adding helpful links or notes. You can customize the text appearance using markdown syntax, such as using double asterisks for bold text. These tiles can include clickable links, making them a handy resource for support engineers.

3. Configuring Graphs and Metrics: Graph tiles are central to monitoring. You can configure them by selecting the desired metrics from a range of options like count, average, maximum, minimum, and percentiles. These graphs can be further customized by adding thresholds for different performance metrics, which are color-coded for easy interpretation.

4. Adding and Editing Tiles: The flexibility of Dynatrace dashboards allows you to add various types of tiles, such as host health, network status, and top web applications. Each tile can be edited and moved around the dashboard for optimal layout and efficiency.

  • Drilling Down for Details: Clicking on a tile can provide more detailed information about the metric or resource it represents.

5. Pinning Metrics from Other Pages: Dynatrace allows you to pin metrics from different sections of the platform to your dashboard. This feature is particularly useful for tracking specific processes or application pools directly from your dashboard.

6. Sharing Dashboards: An essential feature of Dynatrace dashboards is the ability to share them with other users or groups. You can set permissions for each shared dashboard, determining whether users can edit or only view the dashboard. Dashboards can be shared via a link or directly within Dynatrace to specific users or groups.