Integrating AWS Cloud Account with Dynatrace for Enhanced Monitoring – P1

Introduction: In the realm of cloud computing, monitoring, and managing infrastructure efficiently is crucial. Dynatrace, a leading software intelligence platform, offers robust AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure monitoring capabilities.

This article delves deeper into each step of the process, ensuring a clear understanding of how to achieve seamless monitoring of AWS resources using Dynatrace.

1. Creating a User in AWS for Dynatrace: The first step in integrating AWS with Dynatrace is to create a dedicated user in AWS. This is done through the AWS Management Console, specifically within the IAM (Identity and Access Management) service. IAM allows you to manage access to AWS services and resources securely.

  • Accessing IAM Service: Log into the AWS Management Console and navigate to the IAM service.
  • User Creation: In IAM, select ‘Users’ and then ‘Add users’. Create a user name (e.g., DynatraceMonitoringUser) and select ‘Programmatic access’ as the access type. This creates an access key ID and secret access key for the user, which will be used later in Dynatrace.

2. Creating a Policy for Dynatrace: After creating the user, the next step is to create a policy that defines the permissions for Dynatrace to access AWS services.

  • Policy Creation: In the IAM dashboard, go to ‘Policies’ and select ‘Create policy’. Use the JSON tab to define the policy.
  • Using Predefined Policy: Dynatrace provides a predefined policy in its documentation, which can be copied and pasted into the JSON tab. This policy specifies the permissions that Dynatrace needs to monitor AWS services effectively.

3. Attaching the Policy to the User: Once the policy is created, it needs to be attached to the newly created user.

  • Attaching Policy: In the IAM dashboard, go back to ‘Users’, select the created user, and attach the newly created policy to this user.

4. Configuring Dynatrace for AWS Monitoring: With the AWS user and policy set up, the next step is to configure Dynatrace to connect to your AWS account.

  • Accessing Dynatrace Settings: Log into your Dynatrace account, go to ‘Settings’, and navigate to ‘Cloud and virtualization’ and then ‘AWS’.
  • Connecting AWS Account: Select ‘Connect new instance’ in Dynatrace. Here, you will enter the AWS access key ID and secret access key created earlier. This step links Dynatrace with your AWS account, allowing it to monitor your AWS resources.

Monitoring and Adding Multiple AWS Accounts: After the integration, Dynatrace starts monitoring the AWS cloud account, fetching metrics from AWS CloudWatch.

  • Monitoring AWS Resources: Dynatrace begins to display AWS CloudWatch metrics in its monitoring console, providing insights into your AWS infrastructure.
  • Adding Multiple AWS Accounts: The process can be repeated to add multiple AWS accounts to Dynatrace. This is beneficial for businesses managing multiple AWS environments.