Next Stop: Adventure Land, Kid Takes a Conveyor Belt Joyride at Santiago Airport

Next Stop: Kid Takes a Conveyor Belt Joyride at Santiago Airport

Oh, the joys of childhood, where even an airport conveyor belt can turn into a magical ride to Narnia – or at least that’s what one kid at Santiago International Airport in Chile thought. In a hilarious yet slightly concerning turn of events, a young boy decided to give his parents the slip and embark on his own little adventure, right onto the moving conveyor belt at an empty check-in desk. Talk about an express check-in

CCTV cameras, in what seemed like a bid to audition for a reality TV show, captured every angle of this little explorer’s journey through the mystical lands of the airport’s baggage system. The video, which has now gone viral with over 5 million views, shows our pint-sized protagonist clambering onto the conveyor belt, probably thinking, “This is it, my Hogwarts letter has finally arrived!”

As he traveled through the restricted areas of the airport, which I’m sure he believed were secret passages to a hidden kingdom, the airport staff, playing the roles of the ‘muggles’, noticed him. They swiftly picked him up off the belt and brought him back to the mundane reality of human safety protocols.

The Chilean airport authorities, in a statement that sounded more like a defense in a court of magical law, assured everyone that their facilities comply with “all international security standards.” They pointed out that it’s the airline personnel’s job to ensure the “correct and safe operation of the infrastructure.” Basically, they said, “Hey, not our circus, not our monkeys.”

But let’s not forget, this isn’t the first time a child has mistaken a conveyor belt for a ride at Disneyland. Back in 2019, a 2-year-old at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport went on a similar adventure, though it ended with a fractured hand. Maybe it’s time airports start considering a new sign: “Conveyor belts are not rides. Seriously, kids.”

In conclusion, while this incident might have given the parents a mini heart attack, it’s a gentle reminder to all the grown-ups: keep an eye on your little adventurers, or they might just find themselves on an unexpected journey to the land of lost luggage!