Ace Your Tech Interview: Master the Most Asked AWS and Cloud Computing Questions

Get ahead in your tech career with our guide on the most asked AWS and Cloud Computing interview questions. Prepare with confidence and land your dream job.

Navigating the Tech Interview Landscape: AWS and Cloud Computing Questions Uncovered

In the competitive field of technology, acing an interview often hinges on your ability to answer complex questions about Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud Computing, Docker, UNIX Shell, and Microservices. This article provides a roadmap for those preparing for tech interviews, specifically focusing on the most frequently asked questions in these areas.

Demystifying AWS Interview Questions

AWS Regions and IAM Components: Understand the concept of AWS regions and the vital components of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Grasp the nuances of AWS IAM and the importance of Amazon S3’s durability scale and consistency levels.

Amazon S3 Storage Tiers and Versioning: Prepare to discuss the different storage tiers in Amazon S3 and the process of uploading large files. Be ready to explain the implications of deleting an object from S3 and the role of Amazon Glacier. Understand the intricacies of versioning and cross-region replication in S3.

Cloud Computing: The Backbone of Modern Tech

Benefits and Layers of Cloud Computing: Be prepared to articulate the advantages of Cloud Computing and its various service models – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Understand the differences between scalability and elasticity, and the role of APIs in cloud environments.

Security and Datacenters in Cloud Computing: Expect questions on the critical aspects of security in a cloud environment, including the management of security across different areas. Know the distinctions between traditional datacenters and cloud-based services, and how to optimize application availability in the cloud.

Docker and UNIX Shell: Essentials for Tech Professionals

Docker: The New Age of Containerization: Familiarize yourself with the basics of Docker, the difference between Docker images and containers, and the functionality of Docker-compose. Be ready to discuss Docker’s common use cases and its role in open-source development.

Mastering UNIX Shell: Prepare to answer questions on UNIX Shell commands, including file management and system operations. Understand the importance of filters, inodes, and shell variables, as well as the differences between multitasking and multi-user environments in UNIX.

Microservices: Reshaping Software Development

Understanding Microservices: Gain insights into the world of Microservices, including their benefits, architectural roles, and comparison with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Be prepared to discuss the challenges and communication styles in Microservices, as well as concepts like bounded context and orchestration vs. choreography.


What do you know about AWS Region?
What are the important components of IAM?
What are the important points about AWS IAM?
What are the important features of Amazon S3?
What is the scale of durability in Amazon S3?
What are the Consistency levels supported by Amazon S3?
What are the different tiers in Amazon S3 storage?
How will you upload a file greater than 100 megabytes in Amazon S3?
What happens to an Object when we delete it from Amazon S3?
What is the use of Amazon Glacier?
Can we disable versioning on a version-enabled bucket in Amazon S3?
What are the use cases of Cross Region Replication Amazon S3?
Can we do Cross Region replication in Amazon S3 without enabling
versioning on a bucket?
What are the different types of actions in Object Lifecycle
Management in Amazon S3?
How do we get higher performance in our application by using
Amazon CloudFront?
What is the mechanism behind Regional Edge Cache in Amazon
What are the benefits of Streaming content?
What is Lambda@Edge in AWS?
What are the different types of events triggered by Amazon
What is Geo Targeting in Amazon CloudFront?
What are the main features of Amazon CloudFront?
What are the security mechanisms available in Amazon S3?

Cloud Computing

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?
What is On-demand computing in Cloud Computing?
What are the different layers of Cloud computing?
What resources are provided by Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)
What is the benefit of Platform as a Service?
What are the main advantages of PaaS?
What is the main disadvantage of PaaS?
What are the different deployment models in Cloud computing?
What is the difference between Scalability and Elasticity?
What is Software as a Service?
What are the different types of Datacenters in Cloud computing?
Explain the various modes of Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud
What are the important things to care about in Security in a cloud
Why do we use API in cloud computing environment?
What are the different areas of Security Management in cloud?
What are the main cost factors of cloud based data center?
How can we measure the cloud-based services?
How a traditional datacenter is different from a cloud environment?
How will you optimize availability of your application in a Cloud
What are the requirements for implementing IaaS strategy in Cloud?


What is Docker?
What is the difference between Docker image and Docker container?
How will you remove an image from Docker?
How is a Docker container different from a hypervisor?
Can we write compose file in json file instead of yaml?
Can we run multiple apps on one server with Docker?
What are the common use cases of Docker?
What are the main features of Docker-compose?
What is the most popular use of Docker?
What is the role of open source development in the popularity of

UNIX Shell

How will you remove all files in current directory? Including the files
that are two levels down in a sub-directory.
What is the difference between the –v and –x options in Bash shell
What is a Filter in Unix command?
What is Kernel in Unix operating system?
What is a Shell in Unix OS?
What are the different shells in Unix that you know about?
What is the first character of the output in ls –l command ?
What is the difference between Multi-tasking and Multi-user


What is Command Substitution in Unix?
What is an Inode in Unix?
What is the difference between absolute path and relative path in

Unix file system?

What are the main responsibilities of a Unix Shell?
What is a Shell variable?


What is a Microservice?
What are the benefits of Microservices architecture?
What is the role of architect in Microservices architecture?
What is the advantage of Microservices architecture over Service

Oriented Architecture (SOA)?

Is it a good idea to provide a Tailored Service Template for
Microservices development in an organization?
What are the disadvantages of using Shared libraries approach to

decompose a monolith application?

What are the characteristics of a Good Microservice?
What is Bounded Context?
What are the points to remember during integration of


Is it a good idea for Microservices to share a common database?
What is the preferred type of communication between Microservices?
Synchronous or Asynchronous?
What is the difference between Orchestration and Choreography in
Microservices architecture?
What are the issues in using REST over HTTP for Microservices?
Can we create Microservices as State Machines?